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Hmmmmmmm about me ,, well im just your average girl that loves to have fun.Im spontanious energetic random a little mad at times, i love my freedom and i love my family and friends, good friends are very important to me, as i have learnt in the past you can trust no one and if you are going to put your trust in anyone to make sure they earn it and prove trustworthy. I have 0% tollerance for bullshit, liers , too faced people, and stuck up know it all's , life is an expierience we all learn new things everyday and if you cant say the same , well then you are not living life to the full. My passion is Martial Arts, Dogs, keeping fit and Weight training.So basically i became interested in starting a blog after noticing someone i know had a blog even though what he wrote on it was complete trash i still read it and it got me thinking about the amount of experience's iv dealth with myself throughout my life and the opinions i have which i would like to put across to the rest of you guy's even if u do find them stupid and pointless im going to give it a go. Thanks for reading and do contact me if you wish :)

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